Late for good tracks your train delays

SNCB offers financial compensation if, over a period of 6 months, a user has experienced 20 delays of 15+ minutes. However, filling the SNCB form is cumbersome, and rare are those who have had enough patience and resilience to complete it.

Our application tracks your motion and remembers your list of recently visited train stations. In a couple of clicks, you can declare that your train is late. The information is then stored in our online database, which you can access with your user name and password. After 20 delays, a pre-filled form is ready for download (or it is directly sent to you if you provided us with your email address).

Thanks to the voucher sent by SNCB, enjoy a week-end at the sea side, or upgrade your tickets to first class. In any case, for your karma, do not hesitate to give a couple euros to the Red Cross or Amnesty when you receive your voucher.

Important notice: the app requires an internet connection to work efficiently, as it downloads train suggestions from API.

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